4 Brothers Breakfast – Warren

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As a first-time mom to a rambunctious (and oh so loveable) 7 month old boy, I cherish Saturday mornings as the one chance a week I get to sleep in a little. My husband is off from work, I’m off from work, and if the little wakes up before I’m ready to, daddy graciously swoops in and takes him so that I can keep sleeping. But not this past Saturday. This past Saturday we were up extra early to get some errands done, and needless to say I was not thrilled at the prospect of not getting my one morning of sleep in for the week. Oh, and yes I was hangry by the time my husband suggested I look up some breakfast spots in the area where we would be. Reluctantly (because I was tired) but anxiously (because I was starving), I complied with his request and came across 4 Brothers Breakfast. With no expectation other than to calm my raging appetite, we made our way over to the establishment, located in Village Square in Warren, New Jersey.

The space:

Walking in I could already tell we’d made the right choice. The space – though small – was warm and inviting and very charming. I said it was small didn’t I? Well believe it and please make reservations well in advance because this place was literally all booked up when we arrived. I would say this isn’t the best place for a group over 4, though I think they could make a group of 6 work if they really tried. Parking is not an issue, as there is an ample lot for Village Square with plenty of free and easily accessible parking. Oh, and if you’re a family with a baby like we are, there was a high chair available for use.

The plate:

I’ve never ever had chicken and waffles. Never even had the desire or curiosity to try it. Well. Iam now a believer, y’all. I decided to take a shot in the dark and try the Mountain Blvd. Classic which consisted of a sweet potato waffle and fried chicken and I kid you not – one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. The chicken was so warm, and crispy on the outside but cooked perfectly inside, it literally just fell off the bone when I dug into it. And for the first time in probably my entire life, I did NOT dip my chicken in hot sauce because it honestly needed no enhancement whatsoever – it was perfect. The waffle was just as mouthwatering and satisfying; tasted almost like sweet potato pie once I drowned it in syrup (which was served in a little blue ceramic elephant – extra points to them because that’s my favorite animal). With their commitment to keep a Farm to Table menu and stay true to southern inspired plates you are sure to find something truly delectable to feast on while you’re here. And if all that wasn’t enough to make you want to run over to 4 Brother’s Breakfast – they are BYOB! That’s right, bring that booze!

The service:

As I mentioned earlier, this place was completely booked when we walked in. Literally every single table had a “reserved” sign on it. Luckily we got there so early that we were able to squeeze in before one of their reservations would even arrive. Talee welcomed us, brought us a high chair, and offered suggestions for what we should try. He was genuinely excited when we told him it was our first time, which instantly warmed our hearts. Both he and the other gentleman who was working (he seemed to be the owner) kept coming by to check how we were, and to get a few words in with Jaxson, the rambunctious 7 month old I told you guys about. They even brought him out a biscuit to munch on (which we later noticed they didn’t even charge us for). I literally don’t have a single negative thing to say about this place. The one improvement I think they need? A bigger space! Because as more people get wind of how great their food and service are – they are going to need it!

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41 Mountain Blvd. E-1 Warren NJ 07059


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