Bovine Burger – Jamesburg

Bovine Burger is one of my new favorite places. My cousin recommended it to me a few weeks ago. I contacted them to set up a sampling after looking over their menu. I spoke to the owner which is Marc and he gave me a few recommendations. IMG_0429.jpgFirst burger I tried was the “I Eats Me Spinach” Burger. This burger was unique because it had no condiments, simple. The patty was cooked in a red wine vinaigrette and the spinach was cooked in separate the same way. After the spinach was reduced down a piece of swiss cheese was melted over the patty  along with some bacon and the burger was put together. This was my favorite of the two. Definition of less is more, I was shocked when I took my first bite. It was cooked perfectly, the patty was tender and the vinaigrette really made the difference. This the January burger of the month but it’s here to stay.


The “Yous Guys” Burger. An NJ classic, pork roll egg and cheese on a burger. Not much else I can really say about this burger. GO GET IT

I always go for onion rings but I couldn’t decide this time around. Marc decided to just give me small samples of each. I tried the Diablo Aioli onion rings, Diablo fries and, regular fries(not pictured). I almost finished the the rings before anything else. The batter to onion ratio was perfect along with the house made aioli. Probably the best aioli I’ve tried. The Diablo fries were good too, the mixture of seasonings on top of the natural cut fries were a great combo.


Cereal-Killer Shakes, you can’t go there without trying one of these. It’s impossible you can pretty much get any classic cereal mixed in to you shake. I went with Trix and topped it off with Cap’n Crunch. Tasted like an ice cold bowl of cereal, theres plenty of other shake options but the Cereal-Killers are second to none.


76b West Railroad Ave Jamesburg NJ 08831

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