Nunzios Kitchen – Sayreville

Known for their creative toppings and extravagant pizza Nunzios was a place I had to visit. Nunzios sit in a strip mall in Sayreville, NJ and serves up some great dishes. The seating in the back is dim and intimate with hanging lights which makes it perfect for a date spot. My favorite thing about this place besides the food is the fact that it’s BYOB. You can go with the drink of your choice and they’ll chill it for your plus serve it to you when asked. One thing I wanted to share was that not every style pizza is available in slices but, you can get a personal pie which is equivalent to a slice and a half. After months of looking at the menu the one thing I needed was the ribeye cheesesteak. Of course I orderd the whole and I’m happy I did. It was packed with steak thinly sliced and tender. The bread had a nice crunch outside while still being soft inside. I ordered it with the works which included peppers, onions, mushrooms, provolone, ketchup and, mayo. Something I couldn’t finish and took with me! Making sure I’m going back for more.IMG_7025With all the pizza options it was hard to choose, I wasn’t aware that you can get any style personal pie. This changed everything, I was leaning towards the chicken parm slice since it had already been available. After finding out the news of the personal pie I went straight for the Scooby Snacks pie. Loaded with braised pork shoulder, sweet sesame glazed shrimp and a hint of lemon zest on top. I was happy I went with this one. The shrimp was soft not rubbery and the pork shoulder broke apart easily. Lemon zest was easily my favorite component, it gave the pizza great balance of flavors. I cant’ wait to go back and try more!FullSizeRender (5).jpg


521 Raritan St Sayreville NJ 08872

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