Turf n Surf Burger Grill – Warren

IMG_7178.PNGIMG_7179.PNGGot a chance to sample a couple dishes at Turf n Surf in July. My coworker suggested that I’d go here so I took the trip. It definitely did not disappoint! Surf n Turf  sits in a strip mall with convenient parking and has a nice vibe inside with old style boat decor. In front of the restaurant theres cozy outdoor seating. The menu is packed with turf and surf items you can have a bunch of different ways. You can choose between a bun, salad or, rice. Depending on what you pick you can choose a style. I loved the fact that there was so many options and that you can put a twist on things. It was packed when I went(mostly pickups) but they moved fast. I met with the owner Byron and he was very welcoming and suggested a few meals. We spoke for a little while and he gave me a little background of his ideas and some of his best sellers. I went with the Bacon Blue Cheese Inside Out Burger, Buffalo Chipotle Style.

Fresh Brioche bread, chipotle mayo, buffalo chipotle sauce, crumbled blue cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and habanero salsa. The burger was packed with bacon bits and blue cheese right in the patty. The habanero salsa was perfect and had a great kick, it complimented the burger well. I loved how the burger was served fresh and the perfect size.

I also tried the Salmon Baja Style 6.5 oz. salmon cooked in a signature marinade on a bed of brown rice, topped with red cabbage, guacamole, pico de gallo and, housemade baja sauce. I stepped out of my comfort zone with this one and I’m glad I did. Salmon can be dry at times but this one was rich. It was marinated to perfection and the combination of the guac and brown rice mixture really set this dish off. I’m making my way back soon! Check them out

51 Bethel Rd. Warren NJ 07059


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