Just Jakes – Montclair

IMG_7182.PNGThis will by far be my longest post, only because I met with chef/co-owner Alex and he went on a tear. When I first got there we talked about his cooking background and had some small talk, he explained to me that he loved to come up with new meals and try different things. Alex was very experienced in the restaurant world and took great care of us. He went over the craft beer and wine list with us and explained that most ingredients were local. You can definitely see his passion and you can certainly taste it, the food was unreal. Pictured above is a shrimp appetizer seasoned and topped with a house made Jersey tomato jam. Alex emphasized this took a lot of work and he takes pride in it. The jam made this dish pop even more, you can taste how the fresh tomatoes made all the difference. Cool thing about this is they include a small jar of the jam when you order this. The shrimp was tender and the flavor was great. The Jersey tomato jam was the best part and complimented the shrimp very well.

The second thing we tried was the Porterhouse Pork Chop. It sat on top of buttery mashed potatoes and topped with mushrooms, cauliflower and, peas. The pork chop was tender and flavorful, the mashed potatoes melted in your mouth and had great flavor from all the juices and gravy.


After trying the pork chop Alex served us a Juicy Lucy once an item on the menu is now a special. This burger is stuffed with four cheeses on a brioche bun with lettuce. tomato and, best of all a fried egg! The burger was cooked right without being dry and the egg ran beautifully. The bun was soft and the toppings made for a perfect hot and cold mix. When you visit please ask for this!


Probably one of the coolest things about meeting with Alex was him telling all his plans and new ideas. He gave me access to the new menu I took a picture but unfortunately cannot post it as much as I’d like to. He did let me try something on the new menu, Tokyo Fries. These are inspired by a Japanese dish, the fries are drizzled with sesame ginger glaze, had bacon on top, caramelized onions and, scallions. All of this sat on top of a bed of lettuce and sprinkled with salt. The mixture of all these made an amazing dish. You basically got two meals out of it because when the fries were done the lettuce made for a flavorful salad! Please be sure to check them out and ask for Alex!


30 S Park St Montclair NJ 07042



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